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EHR/EMR (Electronic Health Records System/ Electronic Medical Records System)

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WMO EHR/EMR softawe can help you deliver better patient care anywhere, anytime.

Online Personal Health Records Portal

In an effort to strengthen the physician-patient connection and promote patient-centric healthcare, WMO has now launched a free personal health records portal, a secure platform for communication between you and your patients. With WMO’s personal health records portal, patients can easily activate their personal health records by registering online for an account, in order to view their vital healthcare information and also manage certain aspects of their healthcare all instantly and securely. Our personal health records portal is part of our integrated EHR/EMR solution and is free for all of our EHR/EMR users.

  • Online appointment scheduling facility will free up your administrative staff for important tasks.
  • Empowering patient’s to access to their medical records/information, will reduce discrepancies and inaccuracies.
  • Easy access to payment options and test results, will enhance service quality and reduce cost of patient services.
  • Secure messaging facility will provide easier channels of provider-patient communication as well as increase patient loyalty.
  • Manage and view all your upcoming patient appointments and review the reason for visit with complete past appointment history.

Dictation App

To simplify your dictation and chart creation, WMO has launched a new dictation recorder app to convert speech into text. Our dictation app will allow you to record/capture your patient’s story/notes for each patient visit on your Smartphone while you work, and then simply take a print out.

Online Secure Invoice Managemnet

With WMO’s online secure invoice management, your patients can login through a free personal health records portal to book an appointment and review their billing/payment history, also make secure credit card payments, all instantly and securely online.

Automated Alerts

WMO provides a patient communication service which facilitates the strategic scheduling of preventive care encounters such as medication reminder calls or sms, appointment reminder calls or sms, balance reminder calls or sms etc.

Patient Help Desk

WMO provides a 24/7 patient help desk facility to answer all your patients billing and clinical questions.