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Can EHR Save Your Small Practice?

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The decision of implementing EHR might not be a big deal for large organizations that spend millions of dollars on various software and systems to improve the efficiency of their services. However, for small practices, this could be an enormous question.

What is EHR?

EHR (Electronical Health Record) is the digital patient paper chart which contains all the information pertaining to the visit, diagnosis, treatment schedules, appointments and the history of the patient. The current and previous medical treatments are also recorded by the EHR. Stepping out from the bounds of paperwork, this software has become one of the essentials in the medical field now.

Should We Implement EHR?

The question could be the first one to pop in your mind if you’re entitled for the management of a small practice. There are some factors that trigger the requirement for an EHR software in your practice. There is a need to implement EHR when:

  • You want time to carry out more important tasks than merely keeping records.
  • There had been case(s) of failure at reviving data of patients in perfect order.
  • The difficulty of accessing records has created difficulty in procuring records from another source.

Before going for implementation of EHR you need to have a checklist ready, including:

  • Is the staff computer literate and would be able to learn new technology?
  • Is your small practice equipped with high speed connectivity?
  • Is the documentation process well documented and organized?
  • Do you have measurable and specific goals?

How EHR Helps Small Practice?

The EHR implementation helps save the small practices not just for survival but also ensures its growth in the following manner:

  • It decreases the need for unnecessary repetition of tests and procedures which have been done in the past
  • It helps improve communication and connectivity with the patients and allows them to refer to their records and inquire about practices at any time.
  • It encourages patients to own their medical health and track any changes and abnormalities if there may come any.
  • It reduces the waiting time for retrieval of medical data of the patients which could help improve the treatment procedure and aid further practices needed for patient care.
  • It maintains patient demographics; the data could be trackable over time.
  • Management of medicine lists is one of the important factors of EHR which helps in any change of medicine or studying the effects of it.
  • It helps prepare patient care guidelines and diet charts for the patients based on their medical history, dosages and health conditions.
  • It helps connect the healthcare providers with the patients and their families in case of any queries regarding dosage changes, treatment options etc. Also it helps them connect with care guidelines and support.
  • The communication with pharmacy and medicine records is readily available at patients’ disposal.

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