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9 Characteristics of an EHR Software

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Electronic health records (EHRs) has really simplified the storing method of individuals’ information. The traditional medical record keeping of an individual was paper based, but EHR is a digital version of those medical records. Because of the multiple benefits, most of the healthcare units prefer investing in EHR software to streamline their operations. In order to provide a clearer insight, we have come up with the 9 most important characteristics of EHR software.

1. E-Prescription

EHR software has E-prescription facility, allowing physicians to prescribe electronically instead of having to resort to handwritten and faxed notes. This is a smart practice, effectively increasing efficiency.

2. An Incorporated System

Incorporation in EHR software is basically for the administration which permits similar collection of information. Consequently, with EHR software as a completely incorporated system with immense billing practice control, an individual need not worry about the viruses in the connection.

3. Patient Doorway

EHR systems have the capability to permit the patients to associate and coordinate within the workplace by utilizing similar patient doorway.

4. Adaptive Learning Software

EHR software is not used to store health records. The software is adaptive, meaning it learns how every physician records their data for authentication and therapy and evolves with it.

5. Speed of Reasoning

Medical software should not possess instructions that can be modified by the masters and suppliers. For this reason, EHR software permits the doctors to note the speed of reasoning.

6. Not Dependent on Internet Connectivity

Most medical software today is dependent on internet connectivity; this might at times make the usage limited. But specifically taking about the EHR software, it has assured flexibility and the accessibility is not completely dependent on internet availability. You can execute tasks offline as well.

7. Physical Quality Reporting Initiative

This is a health care quality development program which was initiated by Medicaid Services and Centers of Medicare in the United States. EHR software is in compliance with the initiative, ensuring that healthcare physicians are rated on the key performance indicators around which the initiative centers. This is often the basis on which they are granted fees.

8. Effective Documentation and Photocopying

Any EHR software worth its salt permits personnel and doctors to supervise the data by facilitating photocopying of information and connection for convenience’s sake. Effective documentation is ensured with the software’s reporting features.

9. Modern Characteristics

Gone were the days when physicians had to work on paper; EHR is digital software which has all modern characteristics with updates. Also, it is able to identify human language along with several other interesting features.

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