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How WMO’s RxMemento Can Help Patients Take Their Medication

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Everything’s online these days! However there are certain service oriented businesses that are still depend on one-on-one interaction. One of these industries is the health care and provision sector, where doctors and patients heavily rely on appointments and schedules for treatments.

However the problem with appointments is that they are not always met. According to the Healthcare Finance the U.S. healthcare system loses over $150 billion owing to missed appointments alone. That is a lot of money when it comes to healthcare.

Luckily, like every other industry, technology becomes the savior. Appointment reminder systems like the RxMemento, have automated the process, and significantly revolutionized it too.

The WMO RxMemento is interactive, effective, and secure. The RxMemento is aimed to comprehensively facilitate both, the doctors and the patients. From setting reminders, to prioritizing patients, and sending reminders for various medical activities, this integrated system is designed for better health provision.

Here’s how the WMO RxMemento helps patients take their medication.

Greater Independence

For patients, the RxMemento brings the increased flexibility to schedule, reschedule, or cancel their appointments to suit their daily routines. Since the RxMemento has the capability to fill empty or cancelled appointment slots on its own, it will reschedule another patient in line for treatment in the event of cancelled appointments.

No More Missing Out on Appointments

People live busy lives. With too much of work, family time, and other responsibilities crammed up in a day, it is normal to forget that you have an appointment with your doctor scheduled in the same day. This happens all too often unless there is an efficient system reminding you about it, allowing you enough time margins to make it in time for your treatment.

Patients Are Better Informed

Gone are the days when the patients had to wait their turn to meet the doctor to discuss the next course of their treatment. With the RxMemento sending in regular reminders for everything, the patients now know exactly what they have to do. Whether they need to collect their reports, or they have to get their medications re-prescribed, they are informed about it through the system.

It Saves Time

Patients are immediately prompted about reports and results with an appointment for the next visit if needed. There is no time wasted in waiting, making inquiries, or marking calendars for important dates that need to be remembered. It also saves time and effort for the staff.

The Reminders are Always on Time

The RxMemento will make sure timely reminders are sent to patients. Whether it is about their impending appointment, the necessary vaccination for their condition, medication refill, or the payable balance on their bills – an email, call, or text would be sent to give the patients a heads up on what they need to do. This means, regardless of how busy the day or staff is, the patients always get preference.

A number of smart healthcare providers are making a paradigm shift towards automating their appointment management with the help of the RxMemento. Don’t you think it will benefit you and your practice too?