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We offer one of the lowest medical transcription services. We also offer free trials for these dictation transcripts.

The transcription services offered by us save 50 to 70 percent of your expenses to be incurred otherwise for I house transcription. Mainly dictation is done via call, mobile app, and Dictaphone. We provide free 100 percent dictation units that have excellent recording & playback quality. In order to transfer files, secure FTP, is also used by us. We offer printing, mailing, scanning, archiving and data conversion services. We also maintain transcribed documents in a database. There is also a backup of data maintained.

We aim at providing relief to medical practitioners by handling all practice matters other than direct patient checking. Free trials of these services are also offered by us along with faxing and printing tasks. We are simple, convenient and best with respect to the quality of services provided by us.

Transcription services are billed "per line" as well as fixed per month depending upon doctors' needs

*Free trial available.

**Transciption services may be available free of cost to our customers who avail our billing services