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Revenue Cycle Management

healthcare revenue cycle management

Revenue Cycle Management Solution that drives efficiency and delivers financial results.

WMO provides a fully integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR), Practice Management System (PM) and Revenue Cycle Management Solution, designed specifically for the unique needs of healthcare providers and hospitals.

With WMO’s robust revenue cycle management, healthcare providers and hospitals get to spend less time on administrative tasks.

We are more than just a regular medical billing service provider, we make sure that we deliver the best possible service. By signing-up with WMO to take care of your billing work, you can free up capital and resources that usually spent on hiring or training staff with traditional healthcare revenue cycle management offerings.

Expanding a healthcare system generally means supporting an increased volume of administrative work. With WMO, our dedicated back-office team can take care of your administrative tasks and manage your most unproductive work for you, so you can get paid faster and don’t feel a need to hire more staff as you expand.

WMO will boost your revenue collections and will take care of your bottom line, so you can stay focused on your patients as well as having the freedom to run your practice your way. We have built our revenue cycle management solution on a proven healthcare technology platform, these technology-driven solutions empower healthcare providers to reduce expenses, increase revenues and enhance clinical and office workflows.

We can be your billing manager, biller, your billing assistant, your AR caller, your payment posting assistant, your reports generator, and your paper claims mailer. We can work on Gateway Rejections and Carrier Denials. We can be your independent billing monitoring service.

WMO’s Revenue Cycle Management Solution includes free access to our EHR and PM system, both are fully integrated with a billing solution to maximize the productivity of your practice and enhance the clinical aspects of every patient visit.

  • Complete claims submission and follow-up
  • Primary, secondary payers claim processing
  • Real-time claim settlement
  • Claim review and scrubbing
  • Denial, rejection, appeals and underpayment management
  • Complete payments and adjustments information
  • Patient billing information
  • Patient balance reminder calls
  • Complete online financial and practice analysis reports
  • Secure online access to all billing and claims processing information
  • Secure online insurance eligibility verification
  • Patient demographic information verification
  • Patient appointments scheduling
  • Paper and electronic patient statements
  • Medical coding analysis
  • Account Receivable follow-up