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RxMemento - Patient Reminder System

health service management

WMO has introduced RxMemento, a patient reminder system that allows doctors to add the patient information along with the patient’s reminder preference.

RxMemento also remind patients of their impending appointments, avoiding “No shows” by patients that can cost your practice thousands of dollars in lost time and resources.

With RxMemento installed at your practice, your patients get the option to select the time and day on which the patient prefers to get a reminder.

Once the appointment or reminder is set, ReMemento takes care of calling, emailing or texting your patient (depending on their preference), to take their prescribed medication by the doctor or get a medication refill reminder, appointment reminder, balance reminder, vaccination or flu shot reminder etc.

RxMemento is integrated with our FrontDesk (which is a Patient Registration Portal) and EHR/EMR software, in order to automatically generate reminders once subscribed.