medical practice in usa


We offer secure services covered under HIPAA. We have adapted necessary tools for implementing latest measures of security to deliver all services via the internet. We have made arrangements for data security of customers so that their confidentiality is never compromised.

We have excelled in the practice management because data security is the major concern in all service sectors. We have always been in the lockstep with the latest available technology of encryption. We thus ensure that all of the data of the clients are transmitted while being safe and is also secured by the latest technology available;

  • For sending and receiving files, file-transfer-protocol encryption is used
  • To dictate recordings dedicated dial-in lines are used.
  • VPN & Firewalls
  • Latest encryption techniques

Use of above techniques both individually and in combination with each other guarantee security of all the records & information. HIPAA compliance is the strongest proof for the safety of clients` data.