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About Workflow Management and Optimization INC.
We always stay with our clients and respect their business. We deliver 100% and provide instant response to help them succeed in constantly changing and challenging business world.
Business Consultancy Services

We provide expert business consultancy services which achieve growth, business transformation and improved effectiveness.

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24/7 Backoffice Services

24/7 Back Office is a great way to facilitate all kind of businesses in carrying out the tasks that exceed the working capacity or expertise.

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Medical Practice Management Solutions

A diversified team of experts from the medical industry is available 24/7 to provide the invaluable services

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Why Choose Us?
We build brands, digital products and transform businesses.
Web Design

Casting a wider net for your brand means attracting, engaging, and converting your market into opportunities. Bring your brand to the masses by maximizing your digital footprint and exposure online.


Market analysis and touch points research provide a branding platform to deliver creative storytelling, and a clear strategy to elevate your company's service or product.

Digital Marketing

Focused marketing + media + social plans leverage market exposure which, combined with traditional and digital tactics, harpoons your market and engages them where they swim.

Software Development

WMO is primarily an enterprise software company. Through the decade of operation, we have helped many SMBs and enterprises. This experience helped us to create a process that ensures high productivity and efficiency for your solution.

Graphic Design
Web Design
We help your business grow.

Workflow Management and Optimization INC.

We are a technology, software and back-office services company that provides every conceivable solution for your business and practice.

We provide a diverse range of services to businesses and industries. We have been providing services to medical practices since 1999. Started as a healthcare service provider company, we added transcriptions, billing, EMR and technology services EXCLUSIVELY for medical service provider.

Unrelated to Medical Practice Management but technologically relevant, we are a tech company designing specialized software for efficient workflow - CRM, accounting, marketing, ERP solutions and mobile applications to small and midsize companies. Our services and solutions are geared equally for big and small industries and encompass a wide range of businesses.

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